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My name is Dick Grinwis and I'm an illustrator and concept artist from the Netherlands.

For many years I have trained in the mysterious ways of illustration, concept art and game art. I have worked on both in-house productions, as well as assignments from companies such as Sony Europe (SCEE), Electronic Arts Netherlands and Disney Netherlands.

Now, under the guise of Grinwise, I use my experience to help others wherever I can: setting the visual course of a product, or putting the finishing touch on a project in need!

My style

Although able to adapt when a product asks for it, I prefer to work with my own style of vibrant colors and jagged shapes. The world is gritty enough as it is, so my goal is to bring you colorful designs with a mix of action, adventure and good-hearted fun. I hope I can make you smile!

How can I help you?

Some of the services I provide.


Have an idea for a product, but not sure how to visualize it? This is where I come in.

From visual style to environments to characters, I’m able to provide you with the concept artwork to get you started – and inspired.


Maybe you need somebody to translate your existing concepts into fully usable art – I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.

Or I can take on the role of advisor or art director and help others reach the best possible results.


Whether you’re looking to create a mobile app or high-end videogame, I can help you out.

But sometimes you just need an illustration, and just that. For a magazine. A book cover. A website. A poster. You name it!

My experience

To make it a bit easier, I've separated two categories:

(In reality, a lot of my activities overlap!)

Concept Art

as well as Illustrations.

Concept Art

Concept art is a pre-production tool, used to help determine a project’s visuals, while illustrations are often the end results themselves.
However, both forms of art are meant to support a type of product- and let’s be honest: some concept art pieces are illustrations in their own right!

Interface Design

as well as Game Assets.

Interface Design

Interfaces (GUI) are the way users can interact with your product, like a videogame or mobile app. It’s the look and feel of the menu titles, the buttons and score meters. Often treated as just an afterthought, a well-designed interface (or art/game assets) can actually enrich the user’s experience.

Illustration, Concept Art, Game Art, Promotion Art, Character Design.

User Interfaces (GUI), Head-Up Displays (HUD), Game Menus, Game Assets, Mobile Apps.


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The blog is a separate place where I post artwork from my more recent projects, including sketches and behind the scenes looks! Next to that, there’s the occasional original content that won’t make it into the portfolio.

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Client Feedback

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(I did not bribe anybody to say these words, honestly.)

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A Little Bit About Me


I’m Dick Grinwis, 30 years old, male and from the Netherlands.

I’ve studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (Major: Illustration, Minor: Identity), and while there, rolled into the Dutch games industry where I’ve worked as a concept & game artist for multiple years.

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